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Our System Application Types

EncoArt Windbreaker Systems: Natural Comfort and Aesthetic Elegance


EncoArt protects your spaces from natural factors such as wind and rain with its innovative Wind Break Systems specially designed for cafes, restaurants and hotels, while allowing you to host your customers comfortably outdoors. With its superior features and ease of use, EncoArt Wind Breaker Systems increases the value of your space and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Manual Windbreaker (Weight Balanced)


Designed with the comfort of your customers in mind, the manual windbreaker can be easily opened and closed thanks to its weight-balanced mechanism. Thanks to this system, you can quickly protect your interior from wind and weather conditions.



Automatic Wind Breaker (Motorized)


EncoArt's motorized automatic windbreak system can be easily opened and closed by pressing a single button. The powerful motor mechanism ensures quiet and smooth movement of the system. This feature allows your staff to use their time efficiently and provide an uninterrupted experience to your customers.



Push Open Wind Breaker (Piston)


The piston pressure-open wind breaker system is especially designed to provide fast and practical use. With a single movement, the upper glass section lifts up and is fixed at the desired height. This feature allows your venue to quickly adapt to weather conditions.




Wind Breaker Technical Specifications

EncoArt Wind Breaker Systems are designed by prioritizing customer satisfaction. The fixed bottom glass, with its height of 1100 mm, serves as a guardrail and provides security in open areas. The upper glass moves within the same rail and can be lifted up to a maximum height of 1850 mm, thus providing a wide view while protecting the open area of your place.


Flexible Application and Aesthetic Design

EncoArt Wind Break Systems can be designed to suit the specific needs of your space. It can be applied in any quantity with a maximum width of 2 meters. Thanks to its aesthetic design, it offers a stylish appearance without disturbing the ambiance of your place.


Spirit-Enhancing Open Space Pleasure

EncoArt Wind Break Systems allow your customers to have a pleasant time in the open area of your venue without being affected by natural factors such as wind and rain. In this way, your venue offers an ideal environment for longer visits and positive experiences.


Add value to your space and offer natural comfort to your customers with EncoArt Wind Breaker Systems. With tailor-made design options and superior technical features, EncoArt is the smartest way to transform the open space of your space.

  • House
  • Villa
  • Private property
  • Factory
  • Office
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Car park
  • shopping mall
  • Commercial Enterprises (It is highly preferred as a solution for closing garden sections that cannot be licensed.)
  • Thanks to the Wheel System option, it can be collected whenever desired.
  • Thanks to the Potted System, it adds an aesthetic, modern and stylish look to your space. 
  • It allows you to enjoy the open air without being affected by the wind.
  • It creates a quick solution for cafes, restaurants and hotels that have license problems.
  • Ease of Application
  • Manual Use Possibility
  • It is long lasting
  • Push On, Automatic, Manual Option
  • 6 mm Safety Tempered glass
  • Ease of use side by side
  • Easily portable wheeled system for businesses on the street.

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