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Aluminum door and window systems are one of the most widely used products in modern architecture. EncoArt brand offers both thermally insulated and non-thermal insulated aluminum profile systems. The features of EncoArt's thermally insulated and non-thermal insulated aluminum door and window systems, their alloys, technical specifications and usage areas are listed below.


EncoArt Thermal Insulated Aluminum Door and Window Systems:

Heat-insulated aluminum door and window systems provide better energy efficiency. These systems allow you to keep your home warmer or cooler thanks to their superior thermal insulation properties. EncoArt offers aluminum profile systems with double glazed double glazing and triple double glazing combinations. Isıcam is a special insulation material placed between glass surfaces. Insulating glass combinations can be adjusted according to different climatic conditions.

Aluminum Door and Window Systems without Thermal Insulation:

Aluminum door and window systems without thermal insulation are less energy efficient but have a cheaper price point. These systems offer superior air and water sealing properties. EncoArt offers aluminum profile systems without thermal insulation.


EncoArt offers aluminum door and window systems made from 6063 and 6061 alloys. 6063 alloy is more commonly used because it is light and easily shaped. 6061 alloy offers higher strength and durability properties.

Technicial Specifications:

EncoArt offers aluminum profile systems with superior air and water sealing properties. These systems are designed to withstand the harshest climatic conditions. Thermal insulated systems provide better energy efficiency by minimizing heat loss. In addition, double-glazed double glazing combinations are resistant to high temperature differences.

Usage areas:

EncoArt offers solutions for many different areas of use with its aluminum door and window systems. These systems can be used in many structures such as office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals, shopping malls and even homes. Thermal insulated systems are more popular, especially in cold climates or places with high energy costs. Systems without thermal insulation are more commonly preferred in warmer climates or places with low energy costs.

EncoArt also offers many different color options. In this way, solutions suitable for all kinds of architectural styles and design preferences are offered. In addition, EncoArt aluminum profile systems are low-maintenance and long-lasting.

As a result, the products offered by the EncoArt brand, with and without heat insulation, are made of quality and durable materials. These systems are designed to suit different climatic conditions and their usage areas are quite wide. Although thermally insulated systems are superior in terms of energy efficiency, non-thermal insulated systems have a cheaper price point. Both systems, combined with the expertise and quality of the EncoArt brand, offer solutions that meet the needs of users.

It is a building material that is used on the interior and exterior of buildings and offers a light, durable and aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is produced by special addition and processing of aluminum profiles.

These systems can be produced to suit different types of buildings. For example, suitable door and window systems can be produced for office buildings, residences, villas, hospitals, schools, hotels and similar buildings. However, it can also be equipped with insulation features to save energy.

It is long-lasting and easy to maintain. In addition, they are considered an environmentally friendly material, are recyclable and produce zero waste. For this reason, they are also preferred as a sustainable building material.

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  • House
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Winter garden
  • Office
  • intermediate partition
  • Glass balcony
  • Terrace
  • Thermal insulated series can be preferred in places where climatic conditions are difficult.
  • Systems without heat insulation can be preferred in mild climate conditions.
  • The system can be applied in any size and typology.
  • It is a solution to climatic problems in open areas you have.
  •  Profile structure that can be customized with accessories and other options to be added as Door and Window Systems.
  • Double glazing, laminated glass, tempered glass can be used.
  • Glass combinations with desired properties can be applied.
  • Modular (office partition systems) and profile systems suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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