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By today's modern living standards, many people like to spend time outdoors and experience nature. However, weather conditions can make this experience difficult at times. Here it is terrace closing systems Activated. These systems make the use of a terrace or balcony possible in all weather conditions. In this way, you can have a pleasant time outdoors without being disturbed by rain, snow, wind or excessive sunlight.

Terrace covering systems turn your existing terrace or balcony into a space that can be used all year round. These systems are usually created using glass or plastic materials and are designed to withstand all weather conditions.

What are Terrace Closing Systems?

Terrace covering systemsThey are systems that are designed using weather and abrasion resistant materials, usually made of glass or plastic, that help to make your terrace or balcony completely or partially closed. These systems provide many advantages such as creating a large space, keeping the heat inside and reducing external sounds.

Terrace closure systems generally consist of frames and glass panels. These panels can be fixed, sliding or collapsible. Some systems may also have heating, ventilation and lighting features.

Advantages of Terrace Closing Systems

Terrace covering systemsIt has many advantages, both aesthetic and practical. First of all, thanks to the terrace closing systems, you can use your spaces throughout all four seasons. These systems protect your terrace from rain, snow, wind and excessive sunlight.

Secondly, terrace closure systems provide thermal insulation. This helps keep heat in during the winter months and stay cool during the summer months. This feature saves energy and helps lower your energy bills.

Terrace Closing Systems Models

Terrace covering systems, can have various models and designs. Encoart designs personalized terrace closure systems according to the needs and preferences of its customers. There are many options available, from glass sliding models to foldable panels.

The systems designed by Encoart are designed to add value to the living spaces of its customers and to increase their living standards. These systems are designed in accordance with the available space and are easy to install.

Terrace Closing Systems Prices

Terrace closing systems pricesvaries depending on the model chosen, materials and workmanship. Encoart is committed to offering the best price offer to its customers. The dimensions of your terrace or balcony, the type of material to be used and the additional features preferred are among the factors that determine the price.

It is possible to find out the cost of terrace closing systems and get a special offer by contacting Encoart. In this way, you can choose the most suitable terrace closure system for your budget and needs.

Terrace Covering Systems Technical Information

Aluminum wall thickness between 2-3 mm.

Sealing guarantee with EPDM gasket clamping.

Stainless coating on steel connections and accessories.

Corrosion resistant T6 Heat Treatment 6063 Alloy Aluminum

Thermal insulated – Option without thermal insulation

Single glazing, Insulating glass, Comfort glass application option

Glass/Polycarbonate/Sandwich Panel ceiling fixed or controlled automatic opening option.

Rain and wind sensor option.

Thick carrier vertical profiles.

Hidden water drainage system.

Terrace Covering Systems Features

Terrace Covering Systems Application Areas

  • Detached house terrace closing system
  • Villa terrace closing system
  • Apartment ground floor apartment terrace closing system
  • Independent garden terrace closure system
  • Restaurant terrace closing system
  • Cafe terrace closing system
  • Office terrace closing system
  • Terrace closing system for business and commercial sales areas

Applied Roof Ceiling Systems

  • Fixed Glass Ceiling System
  • Fixed Polycarbonate Ceiling System
  • Fixed Aluminum Sandwich Panel Ceiling System
  • Movable Retractable Aluminum Sandwich Panel Ceiling System
  • Movable Retractable Polycarbonate Ceiling System
  • Movable Opening / Closing Glass Ceiling System
  • Fixed Pergola System
  • Movable Pergola System
  • Rolling Roof Retractable Aluminum Panel System
  • Bioclimatic Retractable Aluminum Panel System
  • Zip Curtain System

Integrated Systems Used Together

  • Sliding System (sliding with double glazing, sliding without double glazing)
  • Guillotine vertical automatic glass system
  • Hebeschiebe system
  • Folding glass balcony system
  • Zip curtain vertical – horizontal (for ceiling)
  • Aluminum door – window (thermal insulated, non-thermal insulated)
  • Automatic door
  • Automatic shutter
  • Jalousie

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