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Pool Closure Systems

Pool closure systems are an important application that ensures the safe and hygienic protection of pools that are used intensively, especially in summer.

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Thanks to these systems, the cleanliness and safety of your pools is increased and energy savings are also achieved. Encoart offers as the leading brand pool closure It offers quality and affordable solutions to its customers with its service.

Pool Closing

pool closureIt is a process that is done to cover the pools with special materials, to keep the water in it clean and to protect it from external factors.

In this way, pools require less maintenance and save energy. In addition, this application, which is also important in terms of safety, prevents situations that pose a danger to children and pets.

Pool Top Covering

Encoart brand is a leader in the sector and provides quality services to its customers. pool closure systems It is a company that offers Encoart prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing both safety and hygienic conditions with its pool cover service. In this way, the lifespan of your pools is extended and requires less maintenance.

Offered by Encoart automatic pool closure And rail pool closure system There are solutions to suit all kinds of needs, with different options such as. These systems are also preferred because they are user-friendly and can be opened and closed easily.

What is Rail Pool Closure System?

Rail pool closing systemIt is a closing system that uses special panels that move on rails mounted around the pool. Thanks to this system, the pool can be opened and closed quickly and easily. Rail systems are long-lasting and offer low maintenance costs with their strong structures and durable materials.

Rail pool closure systems offered by the Encoart brand are also very successful in terms of aesthetic appearance and functionality. These systems are designed to adapt to the environment of your pool and offer safe and hygienic use.

Automatic Pool Closure System Advantages

Automatic pool closing systemsare closing systems that offer a user-friendly and practical use. The advantages of these systems are:

  • Energy saving: Automatic pool closing systems save energy by preventing heat loss of water.
  • Hygiene: It keeps the water clean by protecting the pool from external factors.
  • Safety: Prevents situations that pose a danger to children and pets.
  • Reduction in maintenance costs: Costs decrease thanks to these systems that require less maintenance.
  • Easy to use: It offers practical use with its automatic opening and closing structures.

The Encoart brand aims to provide the best service to its customers regarding automatic pool closing systems.

Pool Closure Systems Prices

Pool closing systems prices vary according to the quality of the materials to be used, the size of the area to be applied and the preferred system.

Encoart brand aims to provide quality service to its customers at the most affordable prices. For this reason, you can get special offers for pool closure systems by contacting Encoart and find the solution that best fits your budget.

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  • House
  • Villa
  • Restaurant
  • Wedding hall
  • Private property
  • Factory
  • Office
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Especially mobile for swimming pools pool closure systems offers significant advantages.

    Environmentally, it protects the pool water temperature and prevents the temperature from decreasing during sudden weather changes. The water of pools protected by a pool closure system cools down much later than open pools. This extends the comfort and usage period of your pool by at least 2 months, 1 month at the beginning of summer and 1 month at the end of summer. Another advantage is that it significantly reduces the use of extra chemicals resulting from water evaporation. pool closure system Thanks to this, maintenance and cleaning times decrease dramatically and are no longer a problem. Let's not forget about security, thanks to the locked doors, unwanted entries are prevented and children are prevented from reaching the swimming pool.

  • With Telescopic Collapsible Systems that you can use as a wedding, restaurant and winter garden, it turns your commercial - private areas into unique places where you can always experience outdoor comfort.

  • Four Seasons Use
  • Resistant
  • Not Affected by Wind
  • Telescopic Expansion
  • Motorized Non-motorized Alternatives
  • Rail System
  • Doesn't Rain
  • Long lasting
  • Solutions Suitable for Every Place
  • Collapsible System

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