Folding Glass Balcony Systems (Folding)

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Our System Application Typologies

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EncoArt Folding glass balcony Glass balcony systems, also known as glass balcony systems, are foldable glass balcony systems designed for you to continue your balcony pleasure in four seasons.

  • Folding Glass System
  • Top Hanging Parking & Butterfly Folding Glass System
  • It can be applied as Insulating Glass & Blinds Folding Glass System.

Movable Folding Glass Systems

EncoArt Folding Glass System, which is one of the Movable Glass Systems, is used in living spaces where you can experience outdoor spaciousness with indoor comfort in all weather conditions.

With 3 different types, you can choose the most suitable one for your use. It is produced as Bi-folding vertical / horizontal and Single Rail vertical. It is the system applied in Winter Garden, Veranda Covering, Terrace Covering and Roof Shading.

It is also widely used in Cafe and Restaurant Garden, Industrial Areas, Balcony of the Apartment. It can be produced in desired sizes and dimensions by dividing the number of parts, The system can be collected to the right - left, It is optional to collect up - down. Tiling and special jalousie application in glass can be applied uniquely to the project. We only produce special or standard types by sharing the model you like.

With its locking mechanism, it provides protection since the system does not open in case of external interventions. In rain, wind and snow conditions, tightness is guaranteed with the EPDM gasket clamping system and 2-way bristle wick system. We always keep customer satisfaction in the first place with the motivation that the systems we produce will be valuable to your place and a reference to us.

EncoArt We integrate the spaces that will provide you with the best indoor comfort and outdoor comfort into your home, office and commercial enterprises.

Movable Folding Glass Systems application areas

  • Detached House Folding Glass System,
  • Villa Movable Folding Glass System,
  • Apartment Folding Glass System,
  • Independent garden folding glass system,
  • Restaurant Movable Folding Glass System,
  • Cafe Movable Folding Glass System,
  • Office Movable Folding Glass System,
  • Folding Glass System for business and commercial sales areas.

Integrated Systems Used Together

  • Fixed Glass Ceiling System
  • Fixed Polycarbonate Ceiling System
  • Fixed Aluminum Sandwich Panel Ceiling System
  • Movable Retractable Aluminum Sandwich Panel Ceiling System
  • Fixed Pergola System
  • Movable Retractable Polycarbonate Ceiling System
  • Fixed Pergola System
  • Movable Opening / Closing Glass Ceiling System
  • Fixed Pergola System
  • Movable Pergola System
  • Rolling Roof Retractable Aluminum Panel System
  • Bioclimatic Retractable Aluminum Panel System
  • Zip Curtain System.

Movable Folding Glass Systems Technical Information

  • Aluminum wall thickness between 2-3 mm.
  • Sealing guarantee by clamping with EPDM gasket and bristle wicks.
  • Production in desired size and number of pieces.
  • System running on single rail
  • Foot tripping on the floor etc. Threshold-free system option that will not create any obstruction
  • Stainless coating on steel connections and accessories.
  • Corrosion resistant T6 Heat Treatment 6063 Alloy Aluminum
  • Thermal insulated – Option without thermal insulation
  • Single glazing, Insulating glass, Comfort glass application option
  • Concealed water drainage system in the threshold profile.
  • Motorized system integration (can be automated when desired.)
  • Remote and button option.

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